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Services Offered

If you would like to see specific video presentations on the services we offer and conditions we treat, please see our multimedia presentations.

Chiropractic Care (Video)
Acupuncture (Video)
Massage Therapy
Body Fat Analysis
Complete Wellness Panels
Blood Chemistries (Video)
Complete Blood Counts
Thyroid Panels (Video)
Doppler Test (circulation)
Electrocardiograph (EKG)
Lipid and Cholesterol Panels
Male Hormone Profiles (Video)
Female Hormone Profiles (Video 1 PMS, Video 2 Menopause)
Adrenal Stress Profiles (Video)
Spirometry (lung function)
Food Allergy Profiles (Video | Dr Osborne Discusses...)
Neurotransmitter Testing
Vitamin/Mineral levels (Functional Intracellular Analysis) » more information
Stool/Gastrointestinal Profiles » more information (PDF)
Heavy Metal testing (Video)

Services Soon to be Offered

Bone density evaluation
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